Why Detail?

DETAILING A CAR isn’t just about having a car that looks fancy. The outside of your car needs to be maintained to prevent your paint from fading and peeling. Just like the engine oil needs to be changed regularly to ensure proper internal lubrication for you engine to ensure it’s longevity. Making sure your vehicle is routinely waxed keeps a layer of protection over your car helping it to retain the shine it had when you first purchased it.

A VEHICLE THAT ISN’T WAXED as it should is more vulnerable to the elements. The clear-coat of your vehicle is your paint’s only form of protection. Wax protects your clear-coat. The longer your clear-coat goes without any protection, the more it wears away over time, which eventually ends up leaving your paint exposed which can eventually cause peeling and rust spots on your car, which is like cancer on your vehicle. Having your vehicle properly waxed helps it to retain it’s brilliant shine, which can in turn help it to have a better look and resale value.

    NOT ALL OF US have time to detail our own vehicle. Some of us would rather spend our weekends with our kids or loved ones. Why not take it to a detail shop? Not everyone wants to deal with the hassle of taking their vehicle to a detail shop, arrange for a ride home, only to arrange for a ride to go pick it up again later in the day.

    WE’RE HERE TO PROVIDE A BETTER SOLUTION. With a quick phone call, we'll be ready to show up at your home or place of work to provide our service. We bring our truck loaded with water, power, and supplies to where your vehicle is parked so the detail can be done AT YOUR CONVENIENCE. You don’t need to be there! If you choose an exterior only package you can even leave your vehicle locked, and once the job is done, payment can be made online or by mail.

    WHEN YOU’RE READY to have your car detailed and protected, decide what services you want, give us a call. We'll be happy to show up where you want, when you want.