August back to school special:

Exterior Only (light detail): $54

Our Exterior Only package enables you to look good and feel good knowing that your paint has a fresh coat of protection that will help preserve that beautiful shine! This package includes, a full wash, with light bug and tar removal,  Wet Coat application, which is a hydrophobic layer of protection, lasting longer than wax, while protecting just as well. rim cleaning, with brake dust removal, tire shine, and cleaning the outside of the windows. 

Fully Detailable (Light Detail): $89

Our Fully Detailable package is for a clean vehicle inside and out. This includes a full wash with light bug and tar removal, a wet coat application, rim cleaning, with brake dust removal, tire shine, cleaning on the inside and outside of windows, vacuum the interior, wipe down hard plastics, treat leather seats (if applicable).


+$35 Clay Bar Treatment- This service pulls all the small contaminants like brake dust, exhaust particles, and more up from the clear coat layer of your paint. This service is highly recommended if your vehicle is not routinely waxed or if you have not had this done previously. 

+$20 Surcharge for Trucks, Vans, or SUV’s

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