What is a clay bar treatment?

A clay bar treatment is a method used to pick up the small particles on your clear coat that are left behind after a regular wash. These particles that may include brake dust, pollution, and rail dust prevent your vehicle from achieving the smoothness and shine it is capable of.


How often would you recommend a clay bar treatment?

If you’ve never had this done or don’t remember the last time it was done, I highly recommend adding this treatment to your detail. Once you have had it done, only once a year would be ideal to keep your car’s clear coat in great condition and to maintain that brilliant shine.


Do you need access to water or electricity to detail my vehicle?

When we detail a vehicle, we bring plenty of our own water, and a powerful generator for electricity. We bring everything needed so we can quickly and conveniently detail your vehicle exactly where it is without wasting time looking for a place to hook up water or electricity.


Do I need to park in the shade?

Parking in the shade is ideal for us to do our work, but if that is not an available option, the products we use are safe to be used in the sunlight, and we are happy to provide you our service wherever it is most convenient for you.


How long is my car protected?

While traditional carnauba waxes last between 3 and 8 weeks, the synthetic wax we use protects for 4 to 6 months.


How often should I have my vehicle detailed?

I find it ideal for your vehicle to be detailed at last twice a year. A detail in the spring protects it during the spring showers while a detail before winter helps prevent snow flakes from sticking to your car, making it easy to clean off. A detail in between can provide extra protection from the harmful UV rays of the hot summer sun.


How far should I be from other vehicles?

In order for us to do our work well without getting water on nearby vehicles, we ask that there be at least 8 feet between vehicles.